Let Your Creativity Thrive Lightweight Fluffy Hoodie | Zidouri

Introducing our brand new late winter collection, named abstract 3.6 for reasons to be revealed!


This is the fluffy hoody, the long awaited product to keep you at your optimum cosiness temperatures whilst maintaining the Arabic streetwear feel Zidouri brings every time. These hoodies are lined both inside and out and come equipped with a hood for the extra cold days.


Body length: Small (54cm) Medium (56cm) Large (58cm)

Chest Width: Small (52cm) Medium (53cm) Large (54cm)

Arm Length: Small (60cm) Medium (62cm) Large (63cm)


Note: These hoodies run a little smaller than our usual sizes, please consult the given size guide!

Let Your Creativity Thrive Lightweight Fluffy Hoodie

Colour of Embroidery text
Colour of Hoodie
Colour of Embroidery Patch Background
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