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Free Palestine T-shirt


This Palestine T-shirt  is brought to you through our geographic privilege. Being born in a certain part of this rock we call earth, allows us to speak our minds, largely untethered. Whilst in some areas, speaking out with a save Palestine can get you beaten, detained or killed. So for all those forgotten men, women, children who’s words aren’t being heard. We shall be your voices.


Don’t you step down on my toes,

Give me space, so I may grow,

We’ve seen fights, battles and wars,

Peace unavailable, we need to order more


Jerusalem is for Palestine. We are for a free Palestine. We do not incite hate, we search for peace. Exercising our freedom of speech, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. Beliefs on our chest. Thoughts on our garments, conscious in how we dress. Customise the colour, because your way is the best.


Jerusalem Capital | Free Palestine T-shirt

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