Custom Arabic Mini Backpack | Zidouri

Whether it was given to you, or you made one for yourself, names and statements represent the stories of each individual’s language, roots and culture. With the beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy, the “Custom” collection allows you to transform your name into a customized statement piece, complete with a wide-range selection of different colors and Arabic font styles.


Now brought to you in a variety of different styled garments such as hoodies, t-shirts, coats, kids wear and accessories and finally the backpacks in a small and large size, our team strives to provide the best quality and fit for our customers. We pride ourselves on being the best in creating an extensive selection of custom name pieces that reflect on your personal style while also retaining an authentic Arabic feel.

Custom Arabic Mini Backpack

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Colour of Backpack
  • If you have a specifc way in which you want your name to be spelt, please type it in Arabic, in the box above. Otherwise provide us with your desired name in your language and we will then translate it how best we can.