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Displaying our identity comes in a variety of forms, our hometown or origin is one them. They are full of culture and wisdom and planted the seed of our upbringing. If we live away or close to our hometown, it is undeniable that our yearning for home is always strong. This pendent is here to hold your hometown, cotinent country, close to your heart, to remind you where you came from and act as a constant reminder for us. 


These custom hometown maps would make for an amazing personal touch to your accessory addition. If not for yourself, it could not get more personal as a gift for your bestie, mother or even spouse! 


Best served stacked with one of our abstract Jewellery pieces!

Custom Hometown Necklace

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  • Please note: Our customised pieces are hand made by professional craftsmen and take 15-20 days for the item to be created. This cannot be reflected in the delivery time on your order summary, however we can promise the wait is well worth it! 

    Packaging: All our pieces come in our Zidouri velvet drawstrings. If you would like to include a gift box please add this to your cart