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Finally our tracksuits are here, choose from an array of colours and styles. Infuse the Arabic language in a variety of manners, be that through our abstract pieces empowering wisdom, patience, love and peace or through the abstract 2.0 statements. Be imaginative and think of your own or choose from our ongoing collection below.


Please note: This tracksuit comes with the statement printed along the chest and around the arms



In unity is power/ في الاتحاد قوة

Love conquers/ الحب يهزم

Be patient for patience is the key to success/ اصبر فان الصبر مفتاح الفلاح

Every sun shall set/ ستغرب كل شمس

With every hardship comes ease/ ان مع العسر يسرى

Be strong for your own sake/ كن قويا لأ جلك

The smarter you are the less you speak/ إذا تم العقل نقص الكلام 

What makes you different, makes you beautiful  - ما يجعلك مختلفا يجعلك جميلا

Without pain, we wouldn't know happiness - من دون الألم لن نعرف السعادة

Another person's beauty is not the absence of your own-
جمال شخص آخر لا يشترط غياب جمالك


Model height 5'9 wearing size medium

Fit: Skinny


Material: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton

Abstract 2.0 Arabic Tracksuit Set


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