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5 Tips & Tricks to Modernize Wearing Jewellery Sets

Jewelry sets are considered to be a luxury because the experience of wearing one is similar to having a jewelry designer or a stylist pick out and prepare each piece for you. While they are perfect for creating polished looks and adding cohesion to any style, these sets can easily look dull and old-fashioned.

If you want to keep your jewelry sets from looking outdated, you must learn how to modernize the way you wear them. In this article, we will share with you five tips and tricks to modernize your jewelry sets:

1. Opt for jewelry sets with different gemstones

Identical gemstone jewelry sets, or sets with the same gemstone designs on different jewelry pieces, look stunning and are easily stylish. However, they can easily have a boring look over time. To spice it up a little, dare to experiment and coordinate jewellery pieces that are not completely matching but still complement the look of one another as a set.

2. Mix and match Paris jewelry pieces

Modernize outdated Paris jewelry by choosing a gemstone jewelry set with different settings in each piece. For instance, a set with a geometric pendant, beaded gemstone bracelet, cocktail ring, and gemstone ball studs will still work together even with various designs. It still looks like a single set because it has the same metal and gemstone.

3. Be careful with thematic jewelry

Jewelry sets tend to stick to a single theme to create a consistent and balanced look. However, modern jewelry sets don’t necessarily have to be that way. When choosing jewelry sets, try and avoid those that take the theme too literally as they can create a costume-like or theatrical look. Instead, select one that reflects a more abstract theme.

4. Save the matching sets for special occasions

Matching jewelry sets, especially those with pearls and gemstones, add a touch of classic glam for any look. These are perfect for special occasions, which is why they have been a staple item of celebrities when attending red carpet events.

Jewelry sets with layers of sparkly stones are extravagant and flashy, and they’re best to be saved for glamorous nighttime events. These are several statement pieces together and are easy to create an overwhelming look, so wear them only for special occasions.

5. Wear a solid gold or silver set for daytime

Daytime calls for a more subtle and simple look. Skip the sparkle and go for matching sets of solid sterling silver or gold jewelry pieces without gemstones during the day. Look for sets that have interesting intricate details, such as chunky gold rope chains, a classic Rolo sterling silver, or delicate Singapore chains.

You can also break the old-fashion jewelry rule to create a modern look by combining different metals in a jewelry set.


Jewellery sets will never go out of style. Even though this has been a long-term jewelry trend, it is timeless and here to stay. Be creative and express who you are by mixing and matching different jewelry pieces and combining them with one another to show off a brand new look that complements your style and personality.

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