How to Pick the Right Necklace Length for the Perfect Look

Are you trying to purchase your woman a necklace? If so, it pays to know that there are different styles and shapes they come from. Of course, this is generally a personal choice which one looks best, but one of the most important factors you need to get right is the sizing of the necklace length. This is because the length itself can affect how the necklace looks, along with how it fits the neck.

So, how do you pick the right length for your necklace? Here are some general sizes you can look for depending on the style of necklace:

1. Short: 25 to 35 cm long

These are generally considered to be the shortest of necklace sizes and can be worn on women who have shorter necks as well as on men. They often look good with a choker collar, while they can also be worn with turtlenecks.

2. Standard: 35 to 45 cm long

The standard size of the necklace is a popular choice, as it's not too long, but not too short. They can be worn with just about any neckline, and they can be worn by both men and women. In other words, they're the go-to length of necklaces should you want something for your woman that can work for essentially any occasion and style. This also makes them one of the most common lengths of necklaces.

3. Long: 45 to 60 cm long

The longer a necklace is, the easier it will be to notice the necklace. It is therefore important that the necklace complements the wearer, or the jewellery will stand out for the wrong reasons. These necklaces are often worn by women with long necks.

4. Extra Long: 60 cm or longer

These types of necklaces can be worn by men and women with long necks. However, they are not recommended for women with short necks, as they can get easily over