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Arabic Watches | A Timeless Piece of Art

Carefully crafted by master watchmakers, Arabic watches evoke a simplistic yet envious beauty. A variety of styles and colours, all of which share the same classic qualities of a well-made and sturdy watch.

The Arabic Watch is simple, yet effective. A watch that would not be out of place on the wrists of the upper-class elite, yet is still affordable and robust, making a perfect accompaniment to any outfit you choose at any price point you choose.

Sleek, stylish and beautiful, you can sport one of these watches alongside your casual wear, to add a touch of elegance whilst you go about your day.

Perhaps you are looking for something to make you stand out. Our watches match perfectly with any suit, business wear or formal attire, and will add a sense of grace to whatever you do, wherever you go.

Any of our Arabic watches would make an excellent gift. A thoughtful and priceless present, an Arabic Watch is not only stunning and elegant, but functional, and built to last. With styles to match any personality, there will be a perfect watch for that perfect person.

Here are our top picks for this month!

The Classic | Arabic Watch

Iconic, in every way. A quality and classic piece, with a sleek and slim brown wristband, the Classic is an outstanding example of the beauty that Arabic Watches have to offer.

Built for those with a taste of luxury, this classy design will go well with any suit, any shirt, on anyone.

Bamboo | Arabic Watches

Perhaps you have a taste for something more unusual, and more unique. Our bamboo watch is an excellent and outgoing piece, original in style and design.

Made from an attractive bamboo, this watch is an excellent choice for beach lovers, vacationers and casual wearers.

Dove | Arabic Watch

Quirky styles are increasingly popular, and the Dove watch is an ideal choice for those that are drawn to something different.

This inspired watch has a classy design. Simplistic yet full of passion, this watch sits proudly atop a thin white strap. Perfect for school or work, this is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates fashion.

Hilal | Arabic Watches

Do you like glamour? Then you’ll love the Hilal watch. A thick chainmail strap, will stand out as a fabulous piece, and is sure to be the envy of your friends.

One feature that sets us apart from other watches is that aside from our standard numeric watches, we offer a unique clock face adorned with Arabic numbers.

These Arabic watches offer a sense of sophistication that you wouldn’t receive with any other watch. Laid out neatly, the Arabic numerals are easy to read and understand, regardless of who you are.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our full, fantastic range of incredible Arabic watches is waiting for you. Shop now

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