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Eid Gift Ideas: 6 Awesome Gifts for Family and Friends

Eid is a joyous occasion. It marks the end of Ramadan and the days of fasting. That's why it is no surprise that exchanging gifts is a huge part of the celebration.

Gifts on Eid aren’t merely things to exchange, but expressions of the community and the bonds of faith you share. That is why here are some Eid gift tips to make your family and friends smile.

Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Eid is about having fun for children and introducing them to their culture. It’s a chance to learn more about their heritage and see how joyful it can be to celebrate culture. It’s also a time to remind children that family, love, joy, faith, and happiness are inseparable.

Arts and Crafts

Kids love to create. When you give them Eid Mubarak lanterns and moon-and-stars sets, they can make beautiful Islamic nightscapes. If you combine arts and crafts with storytelling, you can guarantee everyone has the best Eid ever.


Many kids love sweets, and they are sure to enjoy the treats at this Eid festival. The fasting experiences of Ramadan will be long forgotten, and the flavours of the holiday will be even sweeter after a long, hot summer. Almonds, juices, halwa, honey, cakes—these are the flavours of Eid, and they are certain to bring back memories in adults as well.

Spending Money

Money is actually a very traditional gift: a few pounds, lira, dollars, dinars, ringgit, rupees, or naira. This tradition helps children learn the value of giving money away to those in need during the holidays, a core element of the Christmas spirit. Wrapping this gift as a Ramadan card also helps them connect their joy to the moment.

Eid Gift Ideas for Adults

Traditionally, adults exchange small gifts on Eid. Eid-themed gifts and personalised items are some of the most popular gifts to give during this time. If you’re unsure what gift to give to family and friends, here are some suggestions that may inspire you:

Islam-Themed Adult Colouring Book

Many turn to colouring to be peaceful, meditative, and creative. Adult colouring books offer a way to engross people in the subtle beauty of Islamic art while connecting with your culture and history. What’s more sacred than that?

Clothes and Accessories

Clothes and accessories are commonly given gifts during Eid for adults. In recent years, access to Arabic clothes and accessories has been easier. This means you are free to choose practical gifts that celebrate your culture while showcasing people’s unique sense of style.

Donations on Their Behalf

Traditionally, one gives gifts to the poor for Eid. These are usually money or bags of grains. One of the most meaningful gifts you can give is to donate to a charity on behalf of your loved one. The best thing is you can send your donations in-person or through the power of the internet.


Eid is a celebration of the time when we recommit ourselves to our faith, to each other, to charity, and to achieving peace on earth. The beautiful gifts you exchange with others during this holy time promote that warm feeling that keeps you going on even the toughest days.

The list above is just Eid gift recommendations. There’s no wrong way to celebrate Eid. What matters most is deepening your love for each other and celebrating life and family together.

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