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All About Modest Wear in the UK

Fashion is steadily becoming more inclusive of all types of beauty and cultures, that's why modest wear is finally getting the spotlight it deserves in runways and fashion lineups. Modest dressing, for more and more of us, is about being able to take charge of what we choose to wear, to remain both stylish and true to ourselves.

It's about the empowerment that comes from knowing we're in control of what we wear and what we do with ourselves. It's about feeling in charge of how we present ourselves, rather than feeling victimised or oppressed by society's ideas of what we should look like. If other people can feel confident showing more skin, then embracing modest wear should feel just as positive!

What Exactly Does Modest Fashion Mean?

Modest dressing means different things to different people. In principle, it's about dressing in a way that doesn't draw attention to your body. It's about being more discreet in terms of how you dress.

It means that clothing should not be tight-fitting and revealing, but should instead be loose, comfortable and able to be covered up to the extent that the clothes don't show the shape of the body.

Of course, modesty (even within the Islamic faith) is a very personal concept that extends way beyond what you wear. It's about how you conduct yourself, both in public and in private. It's about keeping your interactions with others respectful, polite and patient.

It's about respecting the views of others, even if you don't agree with them. Modesty is about being humble and keeping in mind that you are not the centre of the universe.

The Rise of Modest Wear and Muslim Brands in the UK

Modest dressing has definitely risen in popularity over the past few years, with many designers and fashionistas donning their hijabs and abayas in the name of fashion. Thankfully, the UK is rapidly becoming more diverse and this inevitably translates into a more inclusive fashion industry.

As more and more people identify as Muslim and seek out clothing that allows them to remain true to their beliefs and their types of modesty. Muslim women are influencing the fashion industry and gradually raising the status of modest wear.

An increasing number of designers are creating lines aimed at Muslim women, who are increasingly getting a say in what they wear. That's why modest fashion has enjoyed success in recent years and is now getting the recognition it deserves.

As a result, the UK fashion industry is finally starting to cater to the needs of Muslim women and is responding to their desire for more modest clothing.

The Bottom Line: Gone are the Days of Limited Selections for Modest Fashion in the UK

Wearing what you want to wear can be an empowering experience and can give you the confidence and freedom to be yourself. It's time to get over the misconception that modest wear equates to boring, drab colours and unflattering clothes. Modest fashion has never been so trendy!

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