How to Adjust the Strap on a Mesh Watch: 4 Easy Steps

Wristwatches have been around for quite some time. Over the years, various ways to strap them around the wrist were made. An excellent wristwatch should accentuate your sense of fashion, and mesh straps can do just that.

A mesh strap exudes class and luxury and provides flexibility, reliability, and a great bond between watch and wearer. It adjusts to the user's personality but remains new even with repeated use. Avid wristwatch users understand the pain in poor-quality watch straps.

However, even mesh watch straps need adjusting to maximise comfort. Read on to learn how to do this:

How to Adjust a Mesh Watch Strap

Mesh watch straps are easily resizeable, unlike their traditional counterparts. Adjusting them is easy and requires only a few tools to start.

1. Open the Clasp

Using a spring bar tool or a tiny flathead screwdriver, pry open the mesh clasp of the strap. Screws for adjusting eyeglasses should work for prying, but blunt tools built into army knives work best. However, never use a Phillips head screwdriver or a knife blade. Using it can cause finger cuts.

2. Stabilise the Clasp

Then, lay down your watch band flat on your stable work area so you can view the interior of the sliding type watch band clasp's bottom half. Examine the interior of the clasp where the mesh band passes through. A short metal strap passes across the metal band under the hook where the clasp shuts firmly. This is what holds the clasp to the band.

3. Insert the Spring Bar Through the Clasp Hole